Patrice Rushen – ‘Let The Music Take Me’ bass playalong

Is there a better team than Patrice Rushen & “Ready” Freddie Washington? So many great tunes with awesome basslines. 

I’ve slowly come to the realisation that when I need happy music, Patrice is my go-to. Pizzazz has great vibes throughout, and this album opener is no exception. Perhaps the most well-known track from this 1979 release is ‘Haven’t You Heard’, which is optimism distilled in audio format. 

“Ready” Freddie Washington got his nickname for being ready for anything, and his reliable bass playing holds everything together here. It’s not his showiest bassline, but when he decides to add some sauce, it really pops out. The trills in the chorus are a tasty addition, as are the accented “shakes” over the F#11 in the bridge. 

Transcription available in notation and tab:

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