Updated transcription: Vulfpeck – ‘Welcome to Vulf Records’

Despite having been a fan of Vulfpeck (and Joe Dart by extension) since I first saw the video for ‘My First Car’ in 2013, my transcriptions library and bass playalongs haven’t really gone near their back catalogue.

In 2023, I’m aiming to rectify this. I first transcribed this iconic intro tune a couple of years ago, but today I decided to revisit it, especially to re-evaluate just how Joe Dart plays that insane 16th-note riff in measure 10.

I’ll need to work on getting that particular bit up to speed if I want to get a playalong done, but in the meantime, enjoy the transcription on its own. Speed chops aside, it’s a fun instrumental that utilises 8th-note syncopation and chromatic substitutions to the max.

Watch this space for a playalong!