Khruangbin – ‘Time (You and I)’ bass playalong

January and February is an odd time to be a musician. No gigs, but plenty of time to get in the shed and practice, or transcribe, or compose. I’ve been doing a fair amount of the last 2. It feels pretty good for the time being!

If you don’t know Khruangbin, you’re in for a treat. A good place to start is their Tiny Desk concert, but there’s plenty other good concert footage on YouTube. I got into them in 2020 around the release of their album Mordechai, and this is a standout track. Laura Lee’s basslines never tend to be too technical, but they’re always groovy, melodic and meandering (in a good way). 

From a theoretical standpoint, Lee’s basslines are a great way to get the humble yet powerful pentatonic scale under your fingers. It’s really clever how she manages to get so much mileage from just five notes!

As always, transcription available in tab and standard notation below: