Patrice Rushen – ‘Music of the Earth’ bass playalong

Another video with the Hayman 40/40! It’s Patrice Rushen, so the original bass player can be none other than ‘Ready’ Freddie Washington.

Signal chain for those interested:

  • Hayman 40/40 bass, neck pickup
  • Origin Effects Cali76 compressor
  • Noble preamp (low cut on)
  • Vanderkley Aurora + 112MNT (for monitoring only in this case)
  • Vulf compressor
  • EQ cut at around 130Hz

Any requests for playalongs? Let me know in the comments below. ↓


  1. Been following your YouTube channel since the start and it’s been great to see you get on so well. You’ve really evolved.

    If your taking requests, any of the Donald Byrd tunes that Chuck Rainey played on. Especially Think Twice or You and The Music. ooft!

    • Cheers Paolo! Don’t know any Donald Byrd, but if Chuck Rainey has played with him I’ll definitely check him out!