The Whispers – ‘It’s a Love Thing’ bass playalong

Perhaps the second most well-known Whispers bassline after ‘And The Beat Goes On’, and another classic by Leon Sylvers III.

Like all Sylvers basslines, it’s a lesson in pocket, phrasing, note length, repetition… what a master!

I’ve been noodling around on this song for years, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that transcribing it note-for-note didn’t take long. That said, hearing the isolated part via Moises brought up some details I hadn’t noticed before – the last 2 notes of the last measure of the chorus being F and Eb, for example.

I did the playalong in one take, which prompted the slightly cocky reaction at the end. I regret nothing.

Transcription available in notation & tab as always:

Isolated bass available in a separate post for Pentatonic Patrons and above on Patreon.

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