In this time of reflection, at the end of a turbulent year, we should give thanks to D major for just how well it translates to solo bass. Open strings! Harmonics! A third thing! D major, you’re the MVP, and we’re blessed that Paul McCartney chose you to write this song.

I could start by saying that I was inspired to do this arrangement in a flash of inspiration; that the lyrics really spoke to my urge to get back to basics in a year dominated by technology and screens. It would be completely untrue, but I could still do it.

Or, I could just say that I realised that this song lends itself really well to solo bass, and I’d already done a ukulele arrangement for a student, so it was on my mind. I always find it exciting when I realise I can use harmonics to play a melody, or fit in some crunchy reharms. I did both in this one, so that’s two boxes ticked.

Having said all that, I have always liked The Beatles, and I listened to the White Album a lot growing up. I’m aware that’s a bit like saying, “I have always liked breathing air”, so I won’t say much more on the subject. That Paul McCartney is a good songwriter, isn’t he though?

Please enjoy this arrangement. I’m planning to do more like this for 2021, and will be sharing a transcription (and a related announcement) in the not too distant future.