Haim – ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ bass playalong

There’s some killer playing all over the first Haim album, but I think this one stands out for me. The pattern in verse 1, with its 16th notes jumping between octaves, is deceptively difficult.

Although Este Haim exclusively uses a Fender Precision for Haim’s live shows, to my ears the bass on this track sounds like a Jazz. At least that’s what it sounds like initially – the tone changes a bit in the pre-chorus, so it could be a variety of basses throughout. At any rate, I thought my recently-acquired Hayman 40/40 would be perfect to attempt this tune. With both pickups on, it sounds like a beefed-up Fender Jazz.

Since I got the Noble preamp this time last year, I’ve used it on pretty much every recording session I’ve done. I used the low-cut switch on the preamp, and boosted the bass and treble a small amount. After that, I applied Vulf Compressor in Ableton, and took a small bump of low-mid out of the EQ to remove some nasty frequencies.

Hope you enjoy this one! Let me know if you have any questions or requests in the comments box below. ↓↓↓