Hayman 40/40

Just got my 1975 Hayman 40/40 bass back from the workshop. I started playing it this morning and felt inspired to write this short ditty. Enjoy!

(I was going to do some more work on the audio mix, but decided it sounded fine as it was when I finished editing the video. So, my signal chain is just bass into my Noble preamp, bass & treble boosted a bit, with no further EQ or compression in Ableton Live. It’s probably the first time in years I haven’t put Vulf Compressor on a mix.) šŸ˜…

For those interested – I bought this bass a couple of months ago via Basschat. Hayman were a short-lived British luthier, and the 40/40 was the only bass they produced. The company later evolved into Shergold Guitars, which is still running today – although they don’t make basses anymore. This particular instrument was restored a couple of years ago by Basschat member discreet – below is his informative write-up on this bass, with some backstory on Hayman too. If I decide to sell this bass at some point, I’ll point the buyer in the direction of this post so they know exactly what they’re getting!

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The White Keys return to Under The Bridge, Friday 15th Feb 2019

Circa 2008, some friends at Leeds College of Music put together a band to play covers gigs. Now, over 10 years later, we’re still doing it.

Every so often The White Keys play a public showcase. We’re back at Under The Bridge for the fourth time on Friday 15th February 2019. Come and party with us! Expect to hear some old classics, some reworked arrangements, and an epic show finale.

Tickets available here.