James Sayer at The Jam House (Birmingham) on 08/02/18

James Sayer at The Water Rats (London) on 07/02/18

Aretha Franklin – ‘Get It Right’ bass playalong

I uploaded this playalong video last week. I had a huge amount of fun transcribing and recording this one. The album of the same name is produced by (and mostly written by) Luther Vandross, with bass duties performed by Marcus Miller. An instantly recognisable 80s soul combo!

As soon as I heard this tune a couple of years ago, I knew I had to have a go at it. However, I encountered a stumbling block when I first sat down to figure it out, as the recording isn’t tuned to the standard 440Hz. Marcus Miller plays it tuned down 1/2 step as well, but the two factors combine to make the resultant pitch somewhere in between. I found I was closest to the original tuning when setting my tuner to 448Hz, then tuning down 1/2 step.

Hope this one’s as fun for you as it was for me to make!


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Israel & New Breed – ‘Again I Say Rejoice’ bass playalong

I first heard this song some 7 or so years ago in 2010. I performed it for a friend’s masters recital, and just about muddled my way through it. It was a revelation – an absolutely massive tune, with incredible bass playing throughout. I feel like I finally have a 5 string that can do the tune justice, having got my Anaconda Ultra J5E late last year. I’d like to think my technical ability has improved in 7 years too!

Hope you enjoy this worship tune, whether you’re religious or not. I’m the latter, but surely music is universal.