BewhY – ‘Celebration’ bass playalong

A month or so ago, someone left a comment on my YouTube suggesting a playalong of this song. I know K-Pop can be a really creative and varied genre, so I checked it out.

I wasn’t expecting bass playing of this insane quality though! I believe the original bassist is Boik Jung (정보익). I’ve since checked out some of his videos – the guy can really play!

It was a real test to get this all under my fingers… I also wanted to memorise the key moments, so that I could really get it flowing.

On top of that, there’s a synth bass part in verse 2. Ever the perfectionist, I made a patch for my C4. If you have one, you can get it from my page on the Neuro Community.

Isolated bass available on Patreon.

If you fancy giving it a go, you can get the transcription as a PDF in tab & notation:



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