BL006 Synth bass jam 2

Octave pedal ON! 🔉

I’ve shuffled things up for this one. It’s a half-time shuffle, inspired partially by Stevie Wonder (Higher Ground, Master Blaster) for the groove, and Jamiroquai (Deeper Underground, Light Years) for the sound. The main riff is all blues scale, so it shouldn’t pose too many problems. The ‘shakes’ (quick slides between frets) are probably the most challenging element, so if you’re struggling with those I suggest leave them out at first.

The fill (each Bassline usually has at least one of these) is built upon a diminished seventh (º7) arpeggio. An Ebº7 contains the following notes:

R: Eb
b3: Gb
b5: A
bb7: C
R: Eb

The timing is arguably the trickiest thing about it. This riff is in 12/8, so we have twelve 8th note beats to a bar. The fill starts on the second of these 8th note beats, and each phrase is made up of three 8th notes followed by an 8th note rest, until the final bar where it resolves on a phrase similar to that in bar 2.

PDF + backing track available for Pentatonic Patrons and above on Patreon.