5 Bernard Edwards Basslines (and how to play them)

My 5 favourite ‘Nard basslines! Tabs, tracks and isolated bass available on Patreon.

Thanks to Nick “Twister” Owen for all his help in the making of this video! 

0:00 Intro
1:38 Everybody Dance
2:11 ED Demo
3:43 ED Tutorial
9:07 I Want Your Love
9:32 IWYL Demo
11:14 IWYL Tutorial
16:24 Thinking of You
16:42 ToY Demo
17:41 ToY Tutorial
21:57 We Are Family
22:30 WAF Demo
24:12 WAF Tutorial
28:34 My Forbidden Lover
28:51 MFL Demo
30:39 MFL Tutorial
36:32 Outro

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