The White Keys – UK Garage medley


At the very beginning of lockdown, The White Keys hatched a plan to do a couple of those ambitious-multi-camera-everyone-at-home-in-a-little-video-box videos. And here’s one of them!

We’ve been doing this UKG medley for a few years now, but we’ve never had a good promo video for it. With more than enough time on our hands, lockdown seemed like the perfect opportunity. It still took a while though!

As well as playing bass, I had a hand in sprucing up the arrangement, as well as co-producing with Ali Thynne. He did the video though; I can’t take any credit for that. RIP his laptop.

For the bass nerds: I played this on my trusty Anaconda UJ5E, running it through a Future Impact bass synth. I actually programmed all the sounds myself – if anyone wants me to send them over, let me know in the comments below! I spent waaaay too long on the organ bass sound.

Watch this space for the next TWK lockdown video…