Anderson .Paak – ‘Tints’ bass playalong

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This was fun to transcribe and put together! The verses have a unique sound – I’m pretty sure the bass is programmed, and it sounds to be quite a picky tone on the samples used. To recreate that sound, I employed Bernard Edwards’s “chucking” technique.

The chorus is a different story. It’s a typical-sounding Moog synth bassline played by Pomo (as far as I can tell from the liner notes). I used 3 effects in my chain to achieve that sound: Octabvre, You’re Doom (both made by 3 Leaf Audio) and Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus. Check out the latter part of the video to see the settings in more detail.

Enjoy! And don’t forget, you can get the transcription in tab and standard notation on this very website.