Hey everyone!

A new Basslines video was well overdue, so how about something a little different? You don’t often see ‘funk bass’ paired with ‘pick’ playing, but when you put the two together it can be really cool. In this particular video, I’m going for a medium tempo 16th (semiquaver) feel, with lots of ghost notes.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 13.00.12

The main riff isn’t too tricky – the syncopation and the ghost notes are probably the most difficult aspects to overcome. Fill 1 is a bit of a different story though. It is based on an Eb7#5 chord (at first with #9 then b9), and employs elements of the altered scale to cross the strings in a fast triplet rhythm. In the video I go through the theory behind it in detail, but as always, take it slowly!

Have fun with this one – I enjoyed coming up with it. As always, don’t forget the transcription and backing track.

Backing track