Goodfoot – Anita

What must be over 2 years ago now, I started collaborating on some tunes with Danny Sharples. Individually, we’d both had the same problem when it comes to writing music – a flurry of inspiration, a fresh new idea, and the inevitable unfinished song. We both wanted to combat this common issue. We decided to meet up little and often, giving ourselves achievable deadlines in order to actually finish each tune. It all started coming together! Soon we had some tunes that we were happy with, and could actually visualise releasing them into the world.

Fast-forward to May 2016. The next step: we had a name for our project, and we eventually found the time to record 3 of our tunes with a bunch of great musicians at Wax Studios. Matt Money (guitar), Samson Jatto (drums), Joe McGrail (piano/rhodes), Rob Yeo (synth/organ). The principal tracking was done totally live, with myself and Danny adding overdubs over the next few months. With the help of producer Robert Strauss, the tracks continued to evolve. Eventually, we had a small yet considerable body of work – one that we’re proud to call our own.

Soon we’ll release all 3 in an EP, but for now, here’s ANITA. It’s now available on all major platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play etc) – please follow this link to get it on your preferred platform.

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