Goodfoot – All I Can Give

Following up to my last post about Goodfoot, here’s single no. 2 – All I Can Give.


Written & performed by me & Danny Sharples a.k.a. Goodfoot.

Recorded at Wax Recording Studio, produced by Rob Strauss.

As with Anita, we tracked the majority of the instrumentation live. We had Samson Jatto on drums, Joe McGrail on piano, Rob Yeo on synth and Matt Money on guitar. Danny did a guide vocal in the room, some of which ended up on the final version, and I played my Fender Precision bass with flatwound strings. Afterwards, Danny & I spent hours, days & weeks in the studio perfecting it with Rob Strauss.

Danny laboured over a storyboard for the video, and together with my brother Harry Foster, we came up with a concept that would work. Considering it was made on a shoestring budget, with limited time available to us, I’m really happy with the result. Amma Hart & Nelson Santos did a fantastic job as the main characters in the video, and Harry is a beastly videographer and editor.

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