Royce Wood Junior – Bestival

Bestival snippet.. 🙂

Posted by Royce Wood Junior on Monday, 12 September 2016

I recently played at Bestival with Royce Wood Junior. Here’s a short snippet of our set…

BL005 Funky pick riff with fills

Hey everyone!

A new Basslines video was well overdue, so how about something a little different? You don’t often see ‘funk bass’ paired with ‘pick’ playing, but when you put the two together it can be really cool. In this particular video, I’m going for a medium tempo 16th (semiquaver) feel, with lots of ghost notes.

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BL004 Synth bass jam

Sometimes you’ve just got to bring out the epic sounds. I use the EHX Bass Micro Synth all the time, and it’s even more massive when combined with the Darkglass B7K. This one’s mostly improvised, but I kept coming back to that main lick, based around a simple natural minor progression. The trick here is to ‘shake’, i.e. rapidly slide the fretting finger between frets.

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BL003 Minor groove with 16th note fills

I love the sound of flatwounds on a P-bass. Sometimes there’s nothing better.

The focal point of this bassline is the arpeggio over a Cm9 chord, and 2 fills that use 16th (semiquaver) notes. Fill 1 can be played in one position, but fills 2a & 2b are a bit more challenging. It moves around the fretboard a bit, but with some slow practice it should be manageable.

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